According to providence, we were sent to our home land. Upon arrival, we were distressed and saddened to see the people had a lack of the true doctrine of the Lord Jesus Christ, according to His Holy Scriptures “The Bible.” The state of the nation still abounds with wickedness, which has placed a burning desire upon our hearts to enlighten the people with the whole truth. Hence, we started handing out tracts in marketplaces of that country, fulfilling the Great Commission, “Go ye therefore into all the world and teach all nations…” (Matt.28:19).

  During that time, God has blessed us by sending his faithful servant, Mr. Shanks of Dominica Free Press, who granted us permission to use all his tracts, which he has been working on for the past 14 years. After a time, we began to face tremendous family related persecution due to my conversion from Hinduism to Christianity. For fear of our lives we fled that country.

  Having previous tracts from ‘The Reformed Bible Church’ (in  Central Virginia), along with Mr. Shanks’ tracts, and knowing the urgent need of these materials in the rest of the world, also being an ordained Evangelist by the Reformed Bible Church, we began to think of an efficient way to bring the true gospel to the lost souls.

That gave birth to this ministry. With the help of Mr. Peter Mavridis, a dear brother in the Lord, we created this website. And we will continue as God provides.

                                                             ~ Your Servants in Christ ~